Nursery People is a website for landscapers and nursery people.

Project Overview

The NurseryPeople website has over 32,000 plant species and over 350,000 records showing which nurseries grow each of these species.

The data on the website is pretty messy, so I built a custom administrative area where I can update plant and nursery listings a lot faster using Vue, and an API I built in Laravel.

Some of the features of the website:

  • Favoriting/saving items.
  • Commenting.
  • Reviewing.
  • Posting.
  • A backend area for admins to edit items quickly (besides Nova).
  • Laravel Nova
  • Claiming of companies/nurseries.

The NurseryPeople Profile page

I learned so much building this project and I am happy I was able to work on it. It was my first full-stack application built in Laravel, and I was grateful for the amazing Laravel documentation that helped me build a rock-solid foundation.

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