Cristo En Todo

A website where my wife shares her thoughts and life journeys.

Project Overview

Cristo en Todo is a Ghost CMS blog that I set up and provisioned for my wife.

This is her personal blog about her walk with Jesus. It is mostly in Spanish, as she is a native Spanish speaker.

Two of the things that I love about Ghost CMS are the ease of writing in the editor and ease of setting up the CMS. It is super easy to get a Ghost blog up and running; then once it is, the writing experience is wonderful.

Since I needed to remove the credits in the default Ghost theme, I needed to update the theme template slightly. You can view the theme for her blog here on GitHub.

Cristo En Todo Website

I learned quite a bit while working on this project. Primarily about how Digital Ocean Droplets are set up.

The website is hosted on Digital Ocean, like my other websites, but the Cristo en Todo website is on the same server as another blog that I write at as well. For this, I needed to update the Nginx configuration to support both website domains and HTTPS.

We would love it if you check out the blog. You can view it here.

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