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Laravel 8 and Laravel Jetstream- Initial Reactions

Today I was exploring the newly released Laravel 8 framework and found the fresh composer package that Laravel developed for authentication view scaffolding.

I was initially a little concerned about the move away from React & Vue, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

I was very happily surprised that Jetstream looks like a wonderful improvement for the Laravel framework.

Here are some awesome features that come with Jetstream, for free, right out of the box:

  • Profile Updates
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Configurable API tokens
  • Teams
  • Tailwind CSS configured for you

Jetstream even comes with profile images out of the box!
One thing that I am still unsure about is Inertia.js. For my apps, I want to separate the backend from the views to be able to have an API for the backend that all my frontend applications use. *mobile and web.

It looks like with the Jetstream approach, I will still be needing to have to build some of the routes separately for the API, but we will see.

Other than that, I really like Jetstream. Good work, Laravel Team!

Here is a video overview of the installation and Jetstream dashboard:

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