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Why was I charged with a felony?

When my wife was due to have an ultrasound over a year ago for our baby girl, due to Covid-19 policies in Washington State, I was unable to be with her during her appointment.

Being that we had just moved to the states and my wife did not have a license, I offered to take Areli (my wife) to the clinic and wait in the car with our son while she was in the appointment. After I had waited over an hour and a half in the parking lot, praying for our daughter and waiting on my wife, I started getting worried that something might be wrong.

Eventually, I went with my son in my arms to the clinic to check on the status of the ultrasound and see if they needed anything. When I went to the front desk, they said that I needed to go to another clinic upstairs. Once I was at the correct clinic door, I tested the door, and it was locked. The lights were also off in the clinic waiting area. Within a minute, a nurse came to the door as well and tested the doorknob, saying, “that’s weird” when noticing that the clinic check-in and waiting area door was locked.

She told me, “follow me and I will let you in another way.” So I did.

Once we were in the clinic, the nurse asked me what I needed and I mentioned that I was wondering if the ultrasound was going okay with my wife. At that time, we were in the hallway of the clinic and another nurse was present. They asked me my wife's name, and I shared and they went into their office to talk to each other.

My wife has a different last name because we got married in Mexico and they do not update last names like in the United States, and she had just got her green card to the States. I think the nurses may have been discussing if they were allowed to give information about my wife since they may have wondered if I was actually related to her.

I was pretty anxious at that point, and the only thing I could think of was that my wife was being raped due to my own childhood trauma, and of the dark clinic door that had been locked. Suddenly, a third nurse came rushing out another doorway, and yelled, “sir, you need to leave.” I said, “No, tell me where my wife is. I want to know she’s okay.”

One of the nurses I had originally talked to, I think the one who had let me into the clinic was standing outside a room. She pointed to the room and said, “she’s in here”.

Quickly, I started walking to the room to ensure my wife was okay. I had my son in one arm. The third nurse who had yelled that I needed to leave, started walking quickly in my direction and yelled “sir, you cannot go in there. You have to leave immediately!” I kept walking and went into the room.

On the way, I must have stiff-armed and pushed the nurse who seemed angry at me, which is what I was eventually charged with doing. I don’t remember touching her, but with the state of my anxiety, I could have and probably did since she accused me of it.

I soon found my wife and the blood that was rushing to my head began to flow back through my body as I released the fear I had that my wife was being hurt. The nurse came into the room after me and told me to leave. I left, but not without yelling in frustration in a sinful fashion. I’m sad at the response I had that day, and many days I wish I could go back and do things differently.

I’m ashamed of the fact that I reacted in the way that I did that day, but ultimately, I’m grateful for the 3rd-degree felony charge that was brought before me a month later after I wrote a letter of apology for my actions and attitude that day.

I learned so much over the past year and thankfully was accepted into a therapeutic court, which has allowed me to get counseling on a regular basis for the challenges I’ve faced as a child and since, as well as helped me stay consistent in my mental health medication.

I’ve found that God truly does make all things work together for good for those that love him, and are called according to his purpose, even the wrong things I’ve done myself.

And I love him even more for that.

The charge was fully dismissed in August 2022.

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