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Introducing Awia

Very excited to introduce Awia Co.

Areli Wray and I have been working on Awia's first product, Awia for Nurseries, for well over a year now, partnering with Garden Gate Nursery to build a beta product that works well for them and other wholesale plant farms hopefully soon.

Our plan was to call our new product company Sol Company like our web agency, but the Delaware business name was reserved.

I think one of the best ways to build a high-performing team is to build a business that shares equity with those that contribute to the mission.

Delaware is very friendly to companies that want to do that.

I quickly searched Google translate for other language names for "sun".

Our mission is to be a light in the world through our business practices, much like Sol Company's mission. That's why we wanted a word that meant sun.

We want the reminder every time we see our brand of who we are.

Well, I found that "Awia", pronounced "ae-wee-ah", means the physical sun in the Akun language, spoken in Ghana! We also found that the website domain was available and bought it.

We're excited about the future.

We're officially incorporated as a C-Corp in Delaware.

We did this because we want our future employees and partners to be owners of our company.

We're just stewards of what is ultimately God's.

If you're interested in partnering or learning more about us, reach out. Love to learn more about your goals and needs.

I'm extremely grateful for Sid, who built, in his free time, the program that Awia for Nurseries is replacing. Sid was a huge part of the reason why I became a software engineer, and Garden Gate still uses the Windows forms app for managing inventory he built for them that Awia for Nurseries will soon replace.

A special thank you to Gust for Gust Launch which is the product we're using to get our company off the ground. Also grateful to Ryan Nash (COO of Gust) who's provided incredible advice in the process.

I'm also incredibly grateful to Caleb L. Jenkins, EA, CQP who's been an amazing accounting mentor over the years. Basically taught me everything I know about accounting, and got Sol Company's QuickBooks Company set up for us. Getting Awia's accounting platform set up and maintained will be much easier than it would have been without your training, Caleb.

Curtis is a mentor I bounce ideas and plans off regularly, but you may not know of this one fully. Thank you, Curtis, for keeping me stable and constantly challenging me to build a business that iterates and gradually gets better over time. You're a big example to me.

Jake, seeing what you've done at Sonray Enterprises over the past couple of years has been super helpful to me. I'm so grateful for your pointed ways of showing me what I'm missing.

I'm so grateful to Areli Wray for her support and input over the years. We wouldn't be here without you. Excited to make work better with you.

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