The reality is that I did forget.

I think that is good and healthy, and a normal thing to do.

Having the idea that one has to remember something painful that happened to other people is not something I think is good or right.

Lying about it is even worse.

I think "we will never forget" is a phrase rooted in arrogance and pride.

The people who lost their dad, brother, sister, friend, or mother will never forget.

They're the ones we shouldn't forget, but we do.

We SAY we will never forget about 9-11 because we think it's the right thing to say, but in reality, it is just a lie and is simply not true.

Nobody remembers. Nobody truly cares. Other than those that lost the people they love.

And lying to them about us not forgetting does the exact opposite of what they need.

A person that will listen when they remember.

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