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Glad I sent the email.

Recently, (last week) I lost a job.

I sent an email on Wednesday explaining I would like to move to contract.

When I joined the company, one of the options I was given was working as a contractor, or salaried employee. At that time, I thought being a salaried employee was what I wanted. After spending over 4 years running my own company, I was ready for a consistency in income and work that came with working as an employee.

Fast forward to last week, and I was soon realizing that working as an employee is not everything I was hoping it would be. I could go into more detail but I'd rather not.

Either way, I realized it may be better to take the previous option of going to contract after the month of June. It would allow me to more function as a partner, and free up time I was waiting on others to make decisions to focus on my bachelors degree, family, and other projects I have going on through Soltech.

Wednesday, I sent the email with my reasonings and offer of going to contract July 1. After I sent the email, I was pretty happy I had made the best decision. I knew that the company would actually end up saving a lot of money, and it would translate to me maybe even doing as much, or more, than I was before, and me having a happier, healthier work-life balance.

In 5 months I had successfully shipped a finished client project, helped improve other projects, and become an integral part of the company. In fact, one customer sent me a $100 gift card in private because they were so happy with my work, and my boss two days before I sent my email said, "I love you man!"

Within 12 hours after sending the email, though, all my work access was removed. In less than 24 hours, the company had sent me an "acceptance of my resignation" email, and sent me legal talk email of thanks for my work there with payment of my accrued paid time off and for the last week of work I wasn't able to complete.

Well, it was challenging, because I truly did love my work and the people I worked with, but it ended up being the best for me, as it freed up the last week to think and pray, and plan for our future. We're looking forward to what's next!

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