Free software stinks.

Free software stinks.

Here's why.


Free software isn't free.

Free software (like LinkedIn, Gmail, or Facebook), makes a lot of money out of our use.

Here is how:

They sell our data to the highest bidder.
They sell ads which cost us lots of money in purchases on unneeded items.
They upsell us into buying services we don't need.


Free software steals a lot.

Free software doesn't just sell ads or sell our data.

Free software steals a lot.

They steal things you never thought they would take.

If you shared your location when you downloaded an app, they take note of the favorite places you visit.

If you shared your contacts, they note and keep all your friends information.

If you like a post, they notice, and decide to steal more of your time by showing you similar posts.

If a vacuum has a free app, or an "Alexa" has a voice, free software tries to sell you more stuff by all the things it takes from you.

Without your knowledge.

Ever notice why those terms and privacy policy links are so small?


If free software doesn't steal or sell, free software can't be good.

Software companies have to make money.

Good software engineers cost lots of money.

So, if you get free software that is not making money
(Somehow? Investors, please stop funding free software),
then there's a good chance that said free software is not good.

I bought a website and all passwords were stored in plain text.

Thankfully admin had created them.
Should an admin have access to your stuff?

Next time you use free software, just remember it stinks.

Kind of like manure.

So, when evaluating software, make sure you're not diving into free software without knowing it stinks.

Kind of like manure.

What about Open-Source Software?

Free software should not be confused with Open-source software. Open-source software is normally created by amazing humans that simply want to help others.

A lot of times, open-source software can be better architected because it has much more visibility.

Open-source software smells wonderful.

Kind of like roses.

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